Africa and Global History: New Perspectives – 16-19 April 2013

Girafe NHG


The French Institute of South Africa (IFAS), Wits University and UCT are organising a week of encounters between historians of the first globalisation in the early modern period working in different areas. It is hoped that these encounters can act as a path towards wider historical projects around the early connections between Africa and the rest of the World from the 12th century onwards, not only with Europe but also the Americas, the Middle East and the whole Indian Ocean region.


Tuesday 16th April: Public lecture, Wits  14:00, Wiser Seminar Room

Joan-Pau Rubiès (Universitat Popmpeu Fabrea): Travel Writing and the Origins of the Enlightenment

Discussant: Dilip Menon (CISA, Wits)


Wednesday 17th April: Workshop UCT, Historical Studies Department / HUMA 13:00 – 17:00, Huma Seminar Room

New Perspective in Global History
Adrien Delmas (IFAS);

Bodhisattva Kar (UCT);

Nigel Penn (UCT);

Ashley Millar (UCT) ;

Joan-Pau Rubiès (Universitat Pompeu Fabrea)


Friday 19th April: Roundtable UCT

Academic Training in Connected History: Ways Forward