Workshop Globafrica – IFRA Nairobi / 14-16 November 2016

14-16 November 2016 – IFRA Nairobi

Workshop, ANR GlobAfrica

Early diffusion of American and Asian plants in Central Africa

The objectives of this workshop are in link with the ANR program, and especially state of knowledge and background on the historical complexity (social policy) of Great Lakes Region (GLR with the perspective to cross and link historical/archaeological data (LAM-JOOUST teams) and agro-botanic data (CIRAD team).

We also approach the statement of research at mid-term, the new program 2016-2018, and the seminar opens to the other two axis.

14 November 2016

Panoramic approaches, between evidence and models, a state of knowledge, background, problematics and hypothesis

Morning: reception of the participants

Afternoon: Session chairs Andrew Reid / University College London & Mildred Ndeda / Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology

Christian Thibon / Les Afriques dans le Monde – Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour

Population growth and densities, positive management socio-political landscapes and crop diversification in the Region of the Great Lakes, peripheral and central histories.

Emile Mworoha / University of Botswana

Monarchies, Plants and agrarian rituals in Great Lakes Africa (15-19th centuries

Elizabeth Vignati / Les Afriques dans le Monde-Sciences Po Bordeaux

Iron with or without Banana. A general overview of iron working in the Great Lake Region and its implications.

15 November 2016

About Nyanza province

Morning: Session chairs Paul Lane / Uppsala University & Andrew Reid / University College London

Dr. Isaya O. Onjala / JOOUST, Institute of Cultural Heritage and Material Sciences

Southwestern Kenya and Northern Tanzania during the Second Millennium AD: Archaeology, Environment and Social-Cultural Change.

Dr. Fredrick Z.A. Odede / JOOUST, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Later Iron Age Sites and their potential in understanding the origins, spread and influence of Exotic Crops in the Nyanza Region of Kenya.

Gilbert Oteyo

Report on excavations at Lwak.

Dismas Ongwen / Uganda Museum

The Islands and relationship continent and Busoga.

Afternoon: Session chairs Isaya Onjala / JOOUST & Andrew Reid / University College London

Dr. Pamela J.A. / JOOUST

Examination of Changing Population Patterns, Plant Diversity and the origins of Exotic Plants in Western Kenya

Pr. Maria Onyango / JOOUST, School of Business Studies and Tourism

Reconstruction of Agricultural Calendars: Lessons from Western Kenya localized agricultural calendars, Events, Astronomy and Recurrent climatic events

Pr. Mildred Ndeda / Kenyatta University-JOOUST

Population Movement, Settlement and the Reconstruction of Society to the east of Lake Victoria in Pre-Colonial Times: The Western Kenya Case

Launch of the special issue of Les Cahiers d’Afrique de l’Est “Global History, East Africa and the Classical Traditions” edited by Carla Bocchetti. Presentation by Thomas Vernet (IFAS).

16 November 2016

State of research and perspectives

– Mission and program CIRAD: Christian Leclerc & Géo Coppens / CIRAD

– Bibliographic Data base: Elizabeth Vignati / LAM

– Individual or collective contribution 2016-2018 (Archaeology, CIRAD program missions)

– Identification of needs and projects of ethno-archaeo-botanical-paleo and paleoclimate partnerships

– Contribution of others axis: Thomas Vernet / IFAS & others

The workshop secretary will be assumed by Kennedy Gitu / Kenya University.


The programme here and the poster here

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