1er séminaire archéologique bilatéral de l’USR 3336 UMIFRE 24 de Nairobi, UMIFRE 25 de Johannesburg

“East and South Africa from an archaeological perspective” – Org. Jean-Philip Brugal (CNRS, IFRA Nairobi) & Guillaume Porraz (CNRS, IFAS Johannesburg)

The east and the south of the African continent share a long history of research in archaeology, paleoanthropology and paleontology. Numerous researchers have surveyed and excavated these two regions, in such a form that they form today the “core” of the African Prehistory. Not that this should or could be resumed to these two areas of research, but the nature of the discoveries have allowed the elaboration of robust models regarding the contexts, forms and chronologies of the appearance of new human species and new behaviors within various environments. The confrontation of data and researchers from both east and South Africa represents therefore a necessity. The issues are to recognize and to test the postulates of study, to compare the technologies, environments and subsistence strategies, and to anticipate the new questions and future areas of research.This first bilateral seminar, conjointly organized by the French institutes of Nairobi and Johannesburg, aims to build a link between the different researches carried in East and South Africa and to initiate a crossed reflection between culturalists, anthropologists and paleo-environmentalists.

Topic: « Modern human’s technologies and environments from eastern and southern Africa »

Location: IFRA (French Institute of Research in Africa), Laikipia road, Kileleshwa, Nairobi (same building that the British Institute in Eastern Africa)

Date : 25th, October, 2016, from 9h am

Program (talk of 30’) – Chair : J.-Ph. Brugal

•Guillaume PORRAZ (CNRS, IFAS Johannesburg, South-Africa): MSA bifacial technologies within a southern African perspective

•Katja DOUZE (postdoc, Wits University, South-Africa): East and South: behavioural variability through early Homo sapiens technologies and point productions

Coffee/tea break

•Mirembe FATUMAH (Makarere University, Uganda): Characterizing the archaeological assemblage of the Albertine rift in Kaiso

•Emmanuel NDIEMA (National Museum of Kenya, Nairobi): Holocene Lithic technologies and raw material procurement: insights from from east Turkana

•Job KIBII (National Museum of Kenya, Nairobi): (in progress)



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