Lesedi #19 – Dossier Namibie



#19 of the IFAS Research Newsletter is now available online:


In this issue, you will find a special focus on Namibia. Updates on research and publications from IFAS are also available as well as the presentation of programmes, conferences and seminars scheduled for 2016.


Table of contains


05| Dossier Namibie

05| La mission Human Origines in Namibia : à la recherche d’un nouveau berceau de l’Humanité – Laurent


11| Élements pour une anthropologie historique des Damara (Namibie) – Jonathan Benabou


18| Présentation des chercheurs financés en 2016

Alice Aterianus-Owanga, Solène Baffi & Chloé Faux


23| Conférences & séminaires

Les Steve Biko conférences en philosophie

Cuba et l’Afrique

George McCall Theal and South Africa’s past

FISH – French Institute Seminars in Humanites


27| Publications

L’Animal voyant : Art rupestre d’Afrique australe – Renaud Ego


  1. Please note that this issue is only available in French.