FISH Seminar 10 March 2015 – Playing the Market: Hervé Youmbi and the Totems Experiment by D. Malaquais

D. Malaquais

Tuesday 10 March 2015, 15:00

Conference Room, 62 Juta Street, 1st floor, Braamfontein, Johannesburg

In 2010, Cameroonian artist Hervé Youmbi created “Totems to Haunt Our Dreams”, a shifting, morphable space that moves across continents and oceans to tell a politically charged story about what it means to be an artist at work on the global arts scene today. By way of this movable architecture, “Totems” takes to task and debunks a whole cluster of preconceived notions. First among these notions are widely held perceptions about the place of African artists on the world market.

Dominique Malaquais is Senior Researcher at Institut des Mondes Africains (National Centre for Scientific Research / CNRS, Paris) and co-director of SPARCK (Space for Pan-African Research, Creation and Knowledge). 


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