Paper in Africa: Talk by Michaelle Biddle – 30 July 2014

Paper in Africa 30 July 2014

Even in this ‘Information Age’ paper is everywhere and as a result we hardly see it. But each sheet of paper tells a story in a fragile process of continuing dialogue and communication across time and space. The paper used in all but a handful of surviving Sub-Saharan manuscripts in Arabic script is European in origin. How was it made? How did it get to Africa? In conversation with Shamil Jeppie, Michaelle Biddle will discuss the intricacies of paper archaeology and the information that can be unearthed.


Date: 30 July 2014
Time: 10h00-11h30
Venue: Huma Seminar Room, 4th Floor,

Humanities Building, Upper Campus, UCT

Please contact or 021 650 5445 for more information.

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